Kansas Football to unveil Memorial Stadium renovation plans in September 2017

Kansas Football 2017 Match Preview Prediction and Players: It will be legal, starting Saturday, to walk down the middle of Kansas’ serene Midwestern campus with a hidden firearm. The carrier will need neither a permit nor training. Never mind the implications of the peacefully titled Personal and Family Protection Act that goes into effect this week after years of arguing, hand-wringing, lobbying, and national attention. Never mind Kansas now having some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country.

David Beaty knows enough about the impending law. He knows football culture and football players better.
“It is a deal that I will be very adamant about in a way of banning [guns],” Kansas third-year coach said. “I don’t want weapons around for our team. I know it’s a bad, bad deal for us. “I understand the politics involved in it. I get that. But we’re talking about kids with lives and kids getting pissed with each other and kids that are highly competitive with each other. I fear what it could blow into.” With that stance, Beaty may soon be in violation of the new law. The so-called “campus carry” law is a legal trend that threatens to bump up against how a coach runs his program.

Kansas Football 2017 Match Preview and Prediction

Kansas Football 2017

“Our kids are still 16-, 17-, 18-years-old. A lot of them don’t know anything about firearms,” Beaty said. “Just because you can [carry one] doesn’t mean you should.” The Kansas law requires concealed carriers to be 21. That stipulation alone, advocates say, limits the legal gun-carrying population on campus to only a few hundred.
That sort of momentum has spurred a legal movement. In 2013 and 2014 alone, 33 states at least introduced some form of campus carry legislation. Arkansas and Georgia passed laws this year that allows students and faculty to carry on campus.
In the state of Texas, it is legal to openly carry a firearm. When campus restrictions on handguns were lifted, University of Texas students protested by attaching sex toys, which can be illegal, to their backpacks to protect concealed carry, which is legal.

Kansas Football 2017, The so-called “Cocks Not Glocks” movement made national news. Social activist Harry Edwards ended his association with the University of Texas over the state’s concealed carry law. There is no campus exemption in the state of Kansas where it will be legal for students, professors, workers, everyone to be packing. The law affects a list of more than 40 colleges and universities in the state, including Wichita State and Kansas State. “It’s a little scary,” said Kansas State athletic director Gene Taylor. Garden City Community College coach Jeff Sims says he’s had one gun-related incident in 22 years of coaching.

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“You kind of gotta roll with society,” Sims said. “That’s what our society has decided their law is, and you just adjust.
“Guns and weapons have never been our issue on a college campus. Our issues are alcohol and marijuana.”
To comply with the law, Kansas athletic officials will be required to construct elaborate detection devices at every entrance to historic Allen Fieldhouse and Memorial Stadium, complete with an armed guard.
“Beware of the Phog” may turn into “Beware of the Firearm.” , Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy stresses no guns, no alcohol, no violence against women and an adherence to academics from his athletes. That’s fairly boilerplate for scores of coaches until lately.
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